Here’s What Others Say About Richard’s Place

Our agency discovered Richard’s Place in 1998. At that time I had a client who was in the process of being evicted from his home, had AIDS-related dementia, AIDS wasting, numerous opportunistic infections and was simply unable to care for himself. The only option before our discovery {of Richard’s Place} was a nursing home placement. This was not an acceptable option. The staff of Richard’s Place became his family and truly cared not only for him but about him. They were there by his bedside during hospitalizations and rounds of chemotherapy, Hospice, (and) the funeral home after he died from Burkett’s Lymphoma. Richard’s Place fills a need in the HIV community that no one else does. They are unique in their outlook and approach to care and take great pains to make all aspects of care fit together perfectly. There is nothing else in the State quite like them.

Janet,, R.N., ACRN